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RE: spam from Jeff Chimene

Infallibility remains a distant goal for me; whence this list I find
those of superb perfection.

Perhaps you are already composing expert instructions w/r/t/ list
protocol. In that brief interval, may I be allowed to remark that my
email address changed at etest.com; which change disabled my ability
to unsubscribe the old address. I know there are ways around this:
such techniques involve bureaucratic fumblings, vapid instructions,
spurious excuses. When a contract expires such manoevers are all
rendered moot. I do not know what changed recently at etest.com as I
have not been there for 2.5 months.

The following was sent today to postmaster@etest.com, paul@debian.org
and listmaster@lists.debian.org. I am sure that between Steve and the
debian list manager this situation will be quickly resolved.

Thank-you for your understanding and patience.

> unsubscribe jeff.chimene@etest.com debian-alpha@lists.debian.org

> Hi Steve:

> Apparently, the address "jeff.chimene@etest.com" is still active,
> and is posting spurious "remove" messages to the debian-alpha
> mailing list. Would you please disable this email account?

> I am also cc'ing the list manager I believe is being affected by
> this to unsubscribe jeff.chimene@etest.com from
> debian-alpha@lists.debian.org.

> Thank-you for your support!

> Jeff Chimene

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