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aboot, initrd and woody


As I can see in the mailingslist-archive it seems to be tricky to boot with an initrd on alpha. So I'm trying to boot the kernel-image-2.4.18-generic on my AlphaServer 1000A 5/400 with an Mylex DAC960 Raid-Controller - actually with no success. Netherless what I am doing I always get an 'I have no root and I want to scream'. It makes no difference to give mkinitrd the -r or not. Always the ext3 module gets loaded then the dac960 module and then the error message.

Heres my aboot.conf line:

1:3/vmlinuz root=/dev/rd/c0d0p3 initrd=/initrd.img console=tty0

Any suggestions?

Regards Jörn
Wir ertrinken in Information, aber hungern nach Wissen - John Naisbitt

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