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Re: Postgresql on Alpha doesn't print Modifiers?

Hello Craig !
On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 11:59:40AM +1000, Craig Small wrote
> Here is the output from an alpha, postgresql 7.2.1-3
>             Table "brands"
>    Column    |          Type
> -------------+------------------------
>  id          | smallint
> And here is the output from an intel, postgresql 7.2.1-2
>    Column    |          Type          |                    Modifiers            
> -------------+------------------------+-------------------------------------------------
>  id          | smallint               | not null default nextval('brands_id_seq'::text)
>  name        | character varying(100) | not null

> I'm stuffed if I know why I don't get that third column on the alpha.
> Surely its not arch specific?  Any alpha users got the modifier column?

Well, I have used several different postgresql versions on alpha
(debian and PLD), but I've never seen this third column. But then I've
never used postgresql on i386, so I didn't know it existed there. A
brief check on postgresql-7.2.1-2 on a PLD system (my alpha is at
home, sorry), confirms this, no "Modifiers" column. Strange.


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