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Re: PCI specs on PWS 500au

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 12:10:48PM +1000, Rob Byrnes wrote:
> Are the PCI slots in a PWS workstation 5V or 3.3V (PCI2.1 or 2.2)?

5v, but keep in mind, due to a dma bug, most cards don't work in the 64bit
slots. the isp1040 that they came with does (iirc), and my matrox millennium
II. i think linuxalpha.org (is it's up) has a list of compat cards. the
32bit slots are fine, though. linux runs nicely the pws. i've had mine for
almost two years. my floppy likes to eat disks, though.

Tom Vier <tmv@comcast.net>

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