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Re: flakey miata 433a

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Martin Sanborn wrote:

> On Monday 25 February 2002 10:30 am, Steffen Higel wrote:
> > How many processors are in the UP2000? I was under the impression that a
> > single 21264 could crunch seti units in around 4 hours.
> It's a single processor system. It USED to finish them off in about 4 hours, 
> but the latest update to set@home has increased the amount of work done by 
> the program, so it has resulted in longer times for finishing packets.
> It's still a very fast machine, it's just suprising how far conventional PCs 
> have come.
> Marty Sanborn
hi again

one thing this miata is missing is the extra cache board by the cpu.

like all classical dec virtual marketing, leave out the feature so
you can sell it later...

i am going to get one of those cache boards in a week or so and measure it

btw: these boxen are coming out of the sandia and lanl auctions in abq
at about $50 each... not too bad.  i am a *long time* dec fan and love
to marvel in the quality construction... (remember decPRO mag?)



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