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Re: Building Mozilla 0.9.[78] and/or RH RPMS on Debian 2.2?

* sousa jack <sousa_jack@yahoo.com> [020207 23:44]:
> I downloaded the 0.9.8 sources and have tried to build
> it; I get through configure but make breaks before it
> completes :(

Without an error log this is hard to figure out. Do you use
gcc 3.x? Downloading the binaries from mozilla.org worked fine
for me.
If you are using gcc3.x you might want to have a look at

I found a patch for ppc in mozilla's bugzilla and added some
axp specific stuff. Got it to compile with this patch, but
it segfaulted pretty early :-(

Best regards,
  Stefan Reinauer
Ok hex 4666 dup negate do i 4000 dup 2* negate do " *" 0 dup 2dup 1e 0 do
 2swap * e >>a 2* 3 pick + -rot - j + dup dup * e >>a rot dup dup * e >>a 
  rot swap 2dup + 10000 > if 3drop 3drop "  " 0 dup 2dup leave then loop 
                2drop 2drop type 266 +loop cr 5de +loop

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