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Re: Problems running emacs under X11


I have reported also two months ago that the last version of Xemacs (the 
21.4.6-7 from sid) freezes also when you type Ctrl-k in various mode like C & 
Latex. Is-it related ? 


On Friday 15 February 2002 01:38, Topi K Junkkari wrote:
> Hi all,
> before filing a (possibly unnecessary) bug report, I would like to ask
> the Debian Alpha community if anyone else is having problems running
> emacs under X11.
> My system is a Multia aka "the Vietnam of Alpha engineering" (definition
> recently coined by Wilko Bulte on the NetBSD alpha list). I am running
> latest woody, with XFree86 4.1 (4.1.0-13) using the TGA driver, xdm and
> fvwm.
> The problem: both emacs20 (20.7-10.1) and emacs21 (21.1-7) fail under
> X11 but run OK on the text console or when invoked with the -nw option.
> emacs20: runs OK on remote X servers (i.e. on the display of another
> machine) but freezes the whole user interface without displaying any
> windows when invoked on the local display.
> emacs21: never gets past the point where "loading image ... done" is
> shown in the minibuffer.
> I have very limited experience of programming/debugging under Linux so I
> do not have any idea where to start looking for the problem. There are
> two active bugs against emacs20 that are somewhat similar to my problem
> (#117219 on the MIPS platform and #122097 on GNU/Hurd).
> Can anyone reproduce this on an Alpha or suggest any corrective action,
> please?
> Regards,
> Topi

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