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Re: alphalinux.org and linuxalpha.org (was Re: Nvidia video cards)


On Thursday 31 January 2002 15:05, Rich Payne wrote:
> > www.linuxalpha.org apparently has the same problem.
> www.linuxalpha.org is a different story. When alphalinux.org starting
> becoming flakey I looked for a second site, someone at Compaq offered up a
> machine that's on the net doing other things and basically said we could
> use it. He wrote to me last week to say the machine was going to have some
> hardware upgraded and that it would be down for a day or so, this was a
> few days ago and I've heard nothing but I'd guess they are busy working on
> it and it will hopefully be back soon.
> So, if all goes well www.linuxalpha.org should be back before to long,
> don't hold you breath on www.alphalinux.org.

The system being used by linuxalpha.org is also being used as a secondary / 
backup for GNOME's CVSs repository.  It is usually up 24 / 7 in an 
airconditioned room with UPS.  Over the last three day weekend a transformer 
to the building blew / burnt up.  It took the power company almost four days 
to correct this problem.  Since our UPS is only good for about three days, 
this caused many systems to go down including the box hosting linuxalpha.org. 
 Upon restarting the system there where problems with two of the hard drives.

The system staff replaced the hard drives on Monday. I thought that 
everything was working before I left on Tuesday for LWE.  I just got back in 
town.  It is late in the day here, but I will attempt fix the problem, this 

Best Regards,


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