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Re: PostgreSQL 7?

On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, Kerstin Hoef-Emden wrote:

> did somebody succeed in compiling PostreSQL 7.1.3 for Alpha? I
> downloaded the sources of PostgreSQL and with a little help from a
> friend had the compile running through until a specified target for arch
> was needed, but wasn't found in the package. 

	I just pulled down PostgreSQL 7.1.3 onto my XL366 Alpha running
stock Potato (2.2.19 kernel). With a './configure' and a 'make all', it
built without problem. There were a handful of warnings, but that is
pretty standard for pgsql on Linux/Alpha. 
	Next I ran the regression tests in ./src/test/regress as 'make
check' and they all passed. When 7.1 was in beta I tested it a number of
times on Linux/Alpha and submitted a few patches to make sure it was
pretty bullet proof. Therefore the additional incremental releases
should not have broken anything, which my test just now proves. :)
	If you can email some more detailed description of what is
breaking, what compiler version you are using (and distribution,
i.e. potato/woody/etc...), and even error messages from the compile, I
will do my best to help you out. TTYL.

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