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Re: Compiler in "testing"

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Donald R. Spoon wrote:

> During one of my periodic updates of my Alpha "testing" install
> recently, I noticed that it yanked the gcc-2.95-4 package and replaced
> it with gcc-3.0.  Now when I do a "gcc -v" I get the default version to
> be "gcc version 3.0.2 (Debian)".  
> Has the Alpha "Woody" moved entirely to gcc-3.0.2 or have I messed
> something up on this end?  The 2.95 version seems to still be the
> "standard" for Woody on my i386 machines.  Sorry if this has been
> discussed elsewhere and is common knowledge, but I only follow this
> mailing list + Debian User + Debian testing + Debian KDE.  

That's odd...especially considering how there was never a version of
gcc-defaults built that pointed to gcc-3.0.  Can you send me the output
	dpkg -l gcc
	dpkg -l gcc-2.95
	dpkg -l gcc-3.0


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