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Re: cia machine check

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Tom Vier wrote:

> while running wipe (my version) on a couple drives, i got a machine check.
> is this a dram ecc check or pci? (does pci use ecc?)
> Dec  9 19:16:11 zero kernel: CIA machine check: vector=0x630 pc=0xfffffc0000a03348 code=0x86

As Jay noted in

   630 Processor Correctable correctable cache and TLB errors

For a while I got vector=0x670 machine checks, which are processor
uncorrectable cache and TLB errors. I found that in my case it was due to
overheating because the cpu fan and heat sink assembly had become full of
dust. After I blew out the parts with compressed air, I've not had the
problems since.


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