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RE: Slllloooowwww Alpha

It might just be that I'm an idiot, but I have an SX164 that when I
installed any distro of linux that it would fail on some error, I can't
remember what error it was though, the last install that was good was
about 5 years ago w/ red hat 5.2 (I think) but I placed FreeBSD on it
and it has no problems now

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On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Rob Byrnes wrote:

> It was brand new RAM, ordered from Crucial.  I had it replaced, but
got the 
> same problems.  Checks like these *should* slow a machine down, 
> right?  Under FreeBSD, there is no noticable slowdown .... I'll try
> logging on for the checks and see if I actually am getting them

It should, assuming that there's some attempt to handle the checks, IIRC
(been a long while since I looked at that bit of the code).

It may not have been the RAM, but that tends to be it in most cases.

> Debian Woody runs sweet on my PC64 though.



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