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Re: Slllloooowwww Alpha

A couple more things to think about that haven't been mentioned so far:

* There was a bug in some 2.4 kernels that caused some systems to get massively inflated BogoMIPS ratings, causing the system to seem slow. Check /proc/cpuinfo and make sure the cycle frequency is close to right.

* Video card. Make sure yours doesn't suck :-) I've personally had good (performance) experiences with Matrox Millennium II, Elsa Gloria, and Voodoo 3000 cards. Old Cirrus or TGA cards may not be up to your expectations. Also, make sure you're using the accellerated driver in XFree86, not the vanilla framebuffer driver.

* Check /var/log. Is there some file that is growing immense? Nothing slows down a system like massive logging I/O.


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