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Booting from MILO on AS200

On an AS/200, at the MILO prompt, I should be following these instructions, from the "Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 for Alpha":

To bootstrap the installation system, enter the following command at the MILO prompt:

     MILO> boot fd0:linux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

If you are booting from something other than a floppy, substitute fd0 in the above example with the appropriate device name in Linux notation. The help command would give you a brief MILO command reference.

Where is "linux.gz?" when I use the path "sr0:boot/linux.", MILO complains that this is not a gzipped file.

I would prefer not to boot from floppies. Presumably I have a "bootable" CD-ROM image, although LSL disclaims any responsibility for the contents of the CD-ROM.
It looks like even though I boot MILO, and can access a CD-ROM drive, I still have to boot from floppies to continue the installation? Perhaps linux.gz is the machine-specific image created by the install process?
I not that the section "Obtaining and Installing Linux" at www.linuxdoc.org doesn't actually mention this file.

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