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Spam blocks (was Re: whats up?)


>There is an ethical problem with the new MAPS fee structure, however.  One
>of our local LUG members runs an ISP which heavily supports Linux.  He
>contributed heavily to the black-hole lists, and now is being forced to
>pay for his own work if he wishes to use it.

That's not a nice policy. Is there another blacklist which returns a
few bucks when one makes contributions?

>As much as the lists are a good thing, and they have made allowances for
>individuals, educational institutions, and non-profit org's to have
>discounts, they are still profiting from other's work without


>I would urge that some of the other options be researched, besides it
>would simplify things to keep money out of it on a free and open list such
>as these.

Setting up our own blacklist is not an easy task, but writing some procmail
reciepts which deal with ordinary spam should be managable, IMHO.

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