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Re: whats up? 511577428

> > <a href="http://lllil.com/livewebcam";>http://lllil.com/livewebcam
>   Since we still have this spam problem (how much does the black hole
> list cost anyway?) and most spammers seem to use html in their
> mailings, could we simply implement a filter which kills any mail to
> the list which contains "<a href.*>.*</a>" (case insensitive)?

I am for it. And I would like to know the cost of the blackhole list -
I would even donate money for that reason. Is there a sponsoring pool
or something like that set up for it?

>   Of course there may be some legitimate reason to write html code to
> the list, but how big a chance would there be of killing legitimate
> mail?

We could try to send a reply to the sender address (if it is a replyable
address...) which states why it was blocked.

>   How about looking at the recipient list: if there are more than,
> say, five recipients, then kill the mail. The only case where a mail
> should have that many recipients would seem to be a reply to all to a
> cross-posted mail, which is evil anyway.

Right, but you won't kill much spam with it, IMHO.


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