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Re: gcc bug? Gcc of 2.95.[3-4] miscompiles kernels.

On Sat, 3 Nov 2001, Sanzo Miyazawa wrote:

> The followings are the lists of versions 2.95.3 and 2.95.4 of gcc,
> which miscompiled kernels for DP264 SMP.

Hmm...I used to compile SMP kernels for my UP2k (uses the same exact code
as DP264 since it's almost identical in many key ways) with all versions
of gcc-2.95 until recently.  I have a patch that may work for you.  I'll
dig it out of my CVS and send it to you probably tomorrow for you to
test.  I think there's some bad code being generated, but it's confined to
a specific function that isn't even necessary anymore (the patch removes
the function, fyi).


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