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Re: Via-Rhine trouble on AS255

> On Oct 29, Patrick Strang illuminated with a virtual scribe  :

> 	I'm running an AlphaStation 255/233 MHz with 128 MB RAM.
> I have just installed the potato release of debian.
> To connect the computer with my (sad to say it :-)) windows pc, I bought an additional ethernet network device card. It is a D-Link DFE-530TX. According to documentations it needs the Via-Rhine device driver.

so long as I'm not smoking something, you won't be able to get SRM to
recognise that card.  The firmware is too old (or the card's too new) and
there are no updates anymore.  can't help with the kernel issue though ...
random hint, the only cards you need srm support for a scsi cards that you
are booting from.  once you're booted, linux uses its own drivers.

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