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Re: 164SX Memory

At 01:51 11/10/2001, Mathias Jansson wrote:
Christopher C. Chimelis writes:
 > On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Rich Payne wrote:
> > Correct, the SX does not requite ECC memory (like the LX, UX etc...), but
 > > I think that it will use it if you put it in.
 > This is correct.  I have non-ECC PC100 SDRAM in mine (has to be installed
 > in pairs...and they have to be identical..not just "close to
 > identical").  It will enable ECC if all of the installed DIMMs are ECC.

Interesting, does this apply on the DWS433A as well? I have one with
'very little' ram; 64Mb.

Nope, the PWS boxen require ECC SDRAM


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