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Re: internal error in make/gcc/c++

>>   I am trying to compile the IBM Open Data Explorer on a potato system
>> (I know it already is in sid, but cannot upgrade.) and get the
> you really *should* upgrade.  ;)  including libc.  unless there's a reason
> for you not to upgrade your libc?

  There is a reason: I dislike the idea of running a production server
w/ unstable... I know unstable's packages are not very buggy but they
change a lot and there are no security announcements: I would have to
manually follow bugtraq (currently I trust DSA to be fast enough to
provide info). I gladly run unstable on all my private machines -
although the newest XFree (4.1.0-2) server crashes from time to time.
4.0.3 did not.

> i suspect that a newer gcc/libc/etc would probably let you compile the
> package.

  Probably, but dx is already packaged for sid, so I wouldn't need to
compile it.

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