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Re: Restoring partition info.

On Wed 22 Aug 2001, Stewart James wrote:
> Anyway, is there a way to resore the label prior to doing this. I know
> MS-DOS fdisk keeps a second copy of the table and can be restored with a
> fdisk /mbr. Is there any such possibility here?

Actually, the "fdisk /mbr" thing will only rewrite the MBR (master boot
record), the first 444 bytes of the first block. The partition table
comes just after that. Commonly used to remove lilo from the boot block
to revert a system to dos/win (yuck).

> I have a printed copy of what the table looked like prior to my error, if
> I enter the same info into fdisk and write it will it loose any of the
> data on the drive?

If the data matches exactly, then there shouldn't be a problem. Only DOS
fdisk clobbers the first x sectors of "newly-created" partitions.

Paul Slootman

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