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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

On 21 Aug 2001, Falk Hueffner wrote:

> Ryan Kirkpatrick <debian@rkirkpat.net> writes:
> > 	I can confirm both of the above statements. My two XLTs have
> > AlphaBIOS (5.66 if I remember correctly), and I have never gotten one to
> > boot with any 2.2 based milo. I always had to resort back to the 2.0 based
> > milos, which of course do not support the 2.2 ext2fs. Both of my XLTs have
> > two extra partitions, one fat for milo, and one 2.0 ext2fs for the
> > kernel. Then everything works just fine. 
> Why not just put the kernel next to the milo onto the FAT partition?
> Should work fine with any version... I added that recommentation to
> the installation manual as a workaround for now.

	A very good question... :) Probably because at the time I was
under the impression that AlphaBIOS could only boot Milo from fat, and
Milo could only boot the kernel from ext2fs (2.0 type at that). That, and
I think I was pretty tired of fighting with the computer by the time I got
the above figured out, and didn't think of throwing milo and the kernel on
the same fat partition (which I have done before on system where the SCSI
card will not boot lilo correctly, but will boot DOS, which then boots
loadlin, and finally linux :).
	Both my XLTs I plan on converting soon to RAID for all filesystems
(with 2.2.x kernels), and I will put both the kernel and milo on a fat at
that time. Good idea to add it to the installation manual, it will save
other people from pulling out their hair over the machines. TTYL.

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