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Alpha Milo/rescue/root floppies on LX164

 I've seen mention of several partial installs on LX164 boards, but none
going the whole route.
 Both the following were done with the images at


 I made the rescue & root floppies, and retrieved the rest during
install. Machine specs at bottom.

With ArcBIOS v5.70:
 The LX164 MILO disk works great. The install is almost flawless, with
two exceptions:
 tasksel exits with an error stating that all task definitions are
duplicated. This condition is present also in the woody & sid versions
of tasksel on a running system.
 The installer will not write linload.exe and milo to the 5M FAT16
partition (/dev/hda1). This may be due to my own incompetence, as it's
never worked for me. However, going to VT2, I find that there is no
provision in the install to make a FAT16 filesystem. A clue?

With SRM v5.8-1:
 Boots fine from the rescue floppy, installs fine (with the tasksel
exception) and then the installed system won't boot. The kernel loads
and starts, then gets an error --
"ID 1 is respawning too fast, disabling for 5 minutes."
 And that's that.
 I'm not sure that the size of the disk isn't the problem. I've sort of
assumed that the x86 1023-cylinder-syndrome doesn't apply in AXP-land.

LX164 board, 533mHz CPU
384M RAM
Matrox G200 8M PCI
Mylex BusLogic 548 SCSI
SMC DC21140 10/100 ethernet
Soundblaster 16
IBM 40G IDE drive
noname 16x IDE CD-ROM

See ya later,

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