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Problems with libc6.1?

Hi !

Today i run my usual apt-get update/upgrade witch installed a new libc6.1
(Version 2.2.3-7). It wonders me that locales was removed and a new
installation fails due to dependency problems (installed is libc6.1
2.2.3-7, locales wants 2.2.3-9). Now it turns out that my proxy-server
oops dies from time to time, sometimes with " kernel: oops(21340):
unaligned trap at 000000012000e150: d808d808c004c004 29 2" sometimes he
dies quiet. Should I wait for the next update or write a bug report ?

System here:

AlphaServer 1000 4/266 with 92 MB and and external StorageWorks

Greets Joern

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