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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

I am pleased to report that the new boot floppies work on the DEC Alpha

I used the "generic" rescue and root files posted at the ftp site on 7
Aug 2001, and used the milo provided in the Debian Potato (compiled
around the 2.0.36 kernel I think) and booted all the way to the initial
config screen without any hitches at all.  

The machine is rather "stock".  Matrox Millenium Video card, 64 Megs of
RAM, and the latest AlphaBios from Compaq/DEC installed.  Nothing else
to report at present.  As soon as I can tar up some valued files and
store them elsewhere, I will try a complete install of Woody, and see
what happens.  Good Show!!

-Don Spoon-

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