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aptitude on alpha?


  I have received an extremely cryptic bugreport (#106588), stating that
aptitude "segfaults on start".  (that's pretty much the extent of the
report)  The only clue I have to go on, since the reporter is nonresponsive,
is that he is using an alpha system.  It is quite possible I made a signedness
error somewhere -- for one thing, it has happened before -- and I was wondering
if anyone on this list could help.  I don't own an alpha, and the machines
listed on debian.org as alpha machines available to developers are both
down.  Which makes debugging this sort of thing difficult.

  If no-one can reproduce the bug, I'll just tag it "unreproducible" and
downgrade it.


  PS - please Cc me on replies, I'm not subscribed to debian-alpha (since
I don't own one, see above)

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