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Re: iptables and X11 forwarding

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 11:34:40AM -0500, Martin Sanborn wrote:
> I posted this on debian-user, but I didn't get any response. Maybe someone 
> here can help me out. It's more of a general linux question than 
> alpha-specific, but I need to use it on my alpha linux boxes.
> I have a number of linux boxes, each with its own network connection. I am 
> installing iptables on each of the machines to limit outside access to each 
> (due to the physical location of the machines, I cannot simply make a 
> subnetwork and have a single firewall blocking access to the machines) in 
> conjuction with tcpwrappers to limit access to any ports iptables allows.
> We use ssh with X forwarding enabled to connect to the different machines. 
> However, I cannot seem to get the forwarding to work when the default INPUT 
> policy is set to DROP. On host1, iptables -L looks like,

I can't help you with your specific problem, but there is a list
debian-firewall. I suggest you try there.

Good luck,


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