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Java SDK or JRE for Alpha

Is there a Java kit for the Alpha...Either an SDK or Run-Time
I know about the beta 1.3.1 kit from Compaq...are there any other
Does anyone have any comments on using the beta Compaq Java SDK under
Debian Linux for the Alpha?  (I am assume that it is in RPM format and
will need to be converted using alien.) 

The reason for the questions is that after getting Mozilla 0.9.1 running
on my Alpha, the second site I visited (my Bank) required it to install
a Java 2 plugin and sent me to the Netscape ftp site.  It did it's
"smart download" and installed the plugin then promptly froze up
Mozilla!  All I could get is a Netscape error message reading something
like "The program must close to complete a previous installation. 
Please restart the application.".  The only way I could figure out to
recover was to re-install Mozilla...not especially an easy process for
me.  Upon back-tracking what was done by the "smart download" I
discovered that the plugin came from the i386 "tree".  I suspect THAT is
the problem...the plugin is not compiled for the Alpha...dunno.  There
doesn't seem to be any Source code available at the sites I have
visited, and I can't find any JAVA stuff for the Alpha, except at the
Compaq site.  I am hoping that by installing a JRE-2 for the Alpha I can
bypass this "smart download" step and still be able to vist the sites
that require it.   

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

-Don Spoon-

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