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Re: Silly Multia UDB question

> On Jun 27, Rob VanFleet illuminated with a virtual pen  :

> I remember reading somewhere of someone (vague enough?) mentioning that
> if you ran a Multia without a keyboard in it that it would eventually
> 'burn out the motherboard'.  I was just wondering if anyone else had
> heard anything similar.  Apologies for the weird question, but with
> quirks like the Multia's much vaunted heat death, I can't be too
> cautious.
can't as say that I could agree with this.  electonically speaking, there's
no current being transmitted, and thus no power.  the only way it could
burn out, is if there was no overvoltage limits in place, and with keyboards
running on 5V, I can't see it killing the ports.  Don't forget it's a PS/2
port and identical to any current generation PC.  I haven't heard of any
reports of anyone's PS/2 keyboard (or mouse) port dying due to lack of use

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