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Re: TFTP install on multia


> Hi, sorry because I don't answer you question, but when I read your
> message I felt that maybe The same problem as you have.
> Is the same problem or you know how to do it well?
> Thanks in advance.
> > I'm working with Digital Alphasever XL 266 and i'm trying to install
> > debian linux on it. The server are still runing a milo version that
> > i don't know wich distribution is.  I want to install debian, I make
> > floppies from rescue.bin root.bin driver-1.bin and driver-2.bin.
> >
> > I try to boot with this command.
> >
> > boot  fd0:linux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1
> >
> > rescue disk run well, but when the system says me that i need to put
> > root.bin, the system crash with a panic error, that says me that
> > "ufs" is not specified and the system can't be mounted

Yes, it looks very similar to my second problem. That is, once I boot
with the (modified) tftp image, I get an error message like this.

Hope someone sort this out very soon.

BTW, I'm talking about potato, which is supposed to be stable.


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