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Re: Please resume the build for lilypond-1.4.2 for alpha

On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 01:53:56PM -0400, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> > lilypond-1.4.2 is now stuck in unstable and couldn't get into testing
> > because there is no alpha build.  So, it would be wonderful if you could
> > build the alpha version too.  :-)
> Adding CFLAGS="-mieee" CXXFLAGS="-mieee" to the configure script when
> being compiled on an alpha worked out great.  The binary produced what
> appear to be good .tex files without dying with the FP exception.
> Can you make this change to the package?

Thanks for all your help!  Yes, I have just forwarded our discussion to the
upstream authors so they will do the fix.  In the mean time, I'll just have
to figure out what to add to aclocal.m4.  :-)  I'm preparing a
lilypond-1.4.3 package.  Hope that would work.  :-)

Thanks again for all your help!


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