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Re: no alpha boot-floppies

Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 04:15:12PM -0400 wrote:
> On 1 Jun 2001, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Nobody is working on Alpha boot floppies for Woody at the moment.
> > This is a bad situation.  Unless alpha porters start working on
> > getting things going for their architecture, won't that mean we don't
> > have boot-floppies and Alpha will not be able to participate in the
> > Woody release?
> Quite the contrary...work is being done on the Alpha boot floppies, but
> apparently it wasn't announced.
glad to head it :-)

>  Ron Farrer and I will be working jointly
> on them.  Ron's hit quite a few stumbling blocks (the biggest of which is
> his low bandwidth problem at home), but I've been mostly unable to even
> start because I don't have a woody chroot or woody system to do the builds
> on (I have one alpha...it's running sid and I have no room for a chroot).
I think most of us are actually build boot floppies in sid for the moment.  The
expectation, I believe, is to move to using a frozen base system when that
happens, gradually solidifying the environemnt.

> Ron put out a query for volunteers to assist and possibly take over
> boot-floppies on Alpha totally.  He got quite a few responces, but nobody
> is a debian devel yet, so that doesn't help much on the immediate side.

I don't see how being a debian developer matters.  cvs commit to boot-floppies
is not restricted to only Debian developers.  If people start hacking, fixing
bugs and sending patches to this list I'm sure Adam would be quick to grant cvs

> Any ideas on how we can get this done?  Without a chroot, Ron has problems
> pulling even a few packages over his modem and I just don't have the room
> for a chroot, leaving lully as our only alternative to work on (which, of
> course, I haven't gotten any responce on).

Just use sid, we call them woody boot-floppies since they are going to be used
for woody, not because you actually need woody to build them (but don't try
building them in potato).  


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