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ldmilo problem on ruffian


I'm trying to install potato on a ruffian (500MHz, 128MB, 4.55GB SCSI)
it dies at loading milo. I made a disk with ldmilo.exe and milo on
it. I've tried starting ldmilo.exe from both an entry in the boot
section and from the "run a program" option. I've tried the stock
potato milo and the latest 2.2.17. It always says:
Load MILO Utility 1.1 (Copyright DeskStation Technology, Inc. 1997,1998)

ERROR : This system is not compatible with LINUX/ALPHA
Please contact your system supplier.

Press [ENTER] to exit...

Does anyone have any ideas?

Email: <rbf@farrer.net> or <rbf@debian.org>
Home:  <http://farrer.net/~rbf/>

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