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samba 2.0.8 broke on my Debian/Alpha machines

First, the output from code says Samba is now 2.0.8 in the stable release.  
However, the packages themselves are named 2.0.7.  Isn't that a bug in itself 
?  Both Intel and Alpha have this problem.

My Debian/Intel machines had no problem with the recent security upgrade.  
However, both of my Alpha machines cannot be accessed by Windows machines 
now.  However, my AMANDA backup of the windows machines to the Alpha servers 
is still working.

Anyone else have broken Sambas with v2.0.8 on the Alpha?  Anyone else have a 
quick fix before I dive into it ?


James D. Freels, P.E._i, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
freelsjd@ornl.gov - work
jdfreels@home.com - home

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