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Re: Procedure for registering a public machine with Debian

Pavel wrote:
> Firstly, please excuse me for maybe posting to the wrong list, but I think
> this is the appropriate one.

It is wrong, of course...

> A friend of mine has a quite old and slow Alpha running Debian on a permanent,
> albeit very limited in bandwidth, connection and he wants to make it do
> something useful for Debian - probably make it accessible do developers who
> need it for testing. Suggestions for other uses are welcome. Whom should he
> speak to? Thanks.

The best would be to talk to the alpha porting team
(debian-alpha@lists.debian.org) and discuss how the machine could be
used.  It could always hooked to the net and just stay there to give
random developers access to another alpha machine.  I, however,
believe that it would be more helpful if your friend has certain
knowledge about the architecture and development and can develop
software for the alpha port or fix problems, specific to the alpha
port, or read buildd logfiles and interpret failed builds.



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