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Kernel 2.4.3 won't compile


I'm wondering if this problem is spesific to my configuration, or if this is a general problem,
or maybe limited to the Alpha port.

When I try to compile the 2.4.3 kernel with "make boot" it fails allready on main.c saying
that pte_alloc and pmt_alloc are defined twice. Once in include/asm/pgalloc.h and once
in include/linux/mm.h (I might have switched the directories here, I'm not sitting at the
Alpha in question right now).

This is true. They are defined in both those files, and with different signatures.

I tried asking on #Debian at irc.debian.org. At the time the channel was dominated
by i386 users who seemed to have had no problems with 2.4.3. 

I have no problems with 2.4.2 using the exact same configuration.

- IT

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