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Re: OT: Which isdn cards work with alpha-linux

On Mon 16 Apr 2001, Sebastian Moeller wrote:

> I am about to upgrade my internet connection to isdn. As my only machine
> is an alphaserver 1000 5/300 I am very interested to hear which isdn
> adapters work with this card. Having made slightly bad experiences with
> nics in the past I would really appreciate to hear any succes or failure
> stories before I go and spend the money ;)
>         To be more precise to card of my choice is the avm b1. Will this
> work with stable/unstabele?

I've used an AVM Fritz! (AVM A1), and a Teles 16.3 (both ISA, the AVM is
plugnplay) without any problems. I think most if not all the supported
cards should work fine. However, the B1 is active, right? I could
imagine there might be issues with loading the firmware...

Paul Slootman
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