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Re: 2.4.3 and bsd disklabels

> On Apr 13, Craig Small illuminated with a virtual pen  :

> The Debian install disks said that I have to use those wierd BSD disk
> labels, so I regetfully did :<
there's nothing wierd with them :)  BSD labels are good and wholesome :)

> Anyhow, I now have disks like this:
<snip table>  Looks good too.
> hda: unknown partition table
Did you write the table to the disk?  Sometimes you have to reboot the system
before it recognises the new partition table.  This happens if a partition on
that disk is mounted, or you have an old fdisk which doesn't resync the table.

> then right at the end the kernel panics because it cannot find the root
> partition.
> I had 
Where did you get that?  about 2/3 of the way through the config?  with lots
of other partition table support type bits?
does your /etc/fstab  have the correct entry for / ?
the kernel should say error mounting root on ...   the ... is important.  It
tells you what device it's trying to mount / on.  eg sda1, sdb2 etc

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