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Re: The SRM Documentation

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Ron Farrer wrote:

> Craig Small (csmall@eye-net.com.au) wrote:
> > No problem, i'll just reboot with the old kernel and recompile. 
> > No LILO prompt, hmm 
> > So I'll just break into SRM and boot the old kernel there.
> > But of course the SRM documentation doesn't mention things like how to
> > break into it.
> That would probably be because LILO is specifically for x86
> systems... If you are using SRM you use aboot (MILO is possible, but
> why?) I assume you mean AUTO_ACTION is set to boot? To stop it, press
> ctrl-c like a mad man when SRM is first initializing until it drops
> you to a prompt, or you can press HALT if you have that option, or a
> 'shutdown -h now' should take you back to SRM.
> <snip url> Maybe Rich will put that somewhere in the docs section on
> ALO if it isn't already?

Which doc??.....sorry, asleep at the keyboard.....which doc did you
want? Have you looked here?


Rich Payne
rpayne@alphalinux.org			www.alphalinux.org

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