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RE: Tap tap tap, this thing on?

In <NEBBLDFCALKLLEEGDFBPCEMHCBAA.gmckinney@megabits.net>, on 26/Jan/2001 
   at 08:26 PM,(-0800 GMT)
"Gary McKinney" <gmckinney@megabits.net> said:

>Try the following command to see if it will bring up the kernel for you:

>boot fd0:linux root=/dev/fd0 rw ramdisk_size=5120 load_ramdisk=1

Thanks for that. I'd not seen any reference before to rw or to
ramdisk_size. I assume rw indicates mounting as read write? ramdisk_size=
seems to work the same as ramdisk= in that it modifies the size in K of
the ramdisks created.

Anyone know where I may find a complete list of parms ( with explanations
:) that I can pass to milo's boot... ? 

Unfortunately this has not made much difference. I think the problem I'm
having is starting to look more and more like disk image build problems.
I'm working on trying as many floppy drives as possible to see if I can
jag one that works.

>all on one line...

>Attached are the instructional notes I made when I installed the slink
>version on my PC164 (which has sense been upgraded to Potato)...

I have a copy of slink too but it gives the same sort of errors (I'd hoped
that potato would fix things up but no such luck)

Thanks for the detailed info though. Usefull to cross check against.


Especially if they're kilometers :).


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