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Re: autobuilder

On Thu 11 Jan 2001, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> > Is someone taking care of keeping alpha/unstable up to date these days?
> "Christopher C. Chimelis" <chris@debian.org> seems to be doing most of the
> foot work on all of this...manually.  

He's mostly incommunicado for another week, as he's moving,
hasn't got his ADSL line yet, ...

> I personally am just getting going again and will be filling in the blanks...
> doing what I can to help...right now I'm working on getting non-US packages
> up to date then I'll move on to other packages that are out of date...

I've uploaded as much as I can handle over the last week,
however a sizeable amount of packages simply don't build
(either because of g++ on alpha falling over or because
of stupid packaging errors (which are of course reported
to the BTS)).  That wastes a lot of time.

> AFAIK the autobuilder no longer exists...

No, and it's a great pity.

Paul Slootman
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