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Re: Xserver hangs with DECchip 21030 and xterm on huge

Hi Marco,

yes I've read your posting.
My solution I use is:

in /etc/X11/XF86Config I comment out all
FontPath-lines and use this one:

FontPath "tcp/myrouter:7100"

this works fine for me.

Got a running Fontserver on myrouter.


Marco Maggesi wrote:
> I have the same problem (I posted a message in this list
> about that some time ago).  I have no solution yet.
> Some (may be) useful data on my settings:
>   Debian Potato 2.2r2
>   XF86_TGA
>   xfree 3.3.6
>   AlphaServe 400
> I have an other identical alpha box with an S3 videocard and
> it works perfectly.
> Marco

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