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Re: 21174 Manual - where ?


> > i am looking for the "21174 Core logic Chip technical reference manual" in an online
> > version ( Yes, today I got my 164lx ).
> > This manual should be something similar to the 21172 Version ( like PC164 ).

> Yes, I have a copy that I keep locally, but you can find it on Compaq's
> site at:
> http://www.support.compaq.com/alpha-tools/documentation/current/chip-docs.html
> Rich, can you add the above to ALO?  I noticed that it still has the old
> link to the digital site (which is outdated).  Thanks!

The Digital link is still active and contains about the same stuff as the new
Compaq Link. Thanks anyway for that one, since I assume the Digital stuff will not be
there forever.

However, even the Compaq link does not carry the docs on the 21174. It only
shows 21172. No go in current or in the archives. Either I am stupid ( which is sometimes
a reasonable assumption ;-), or it's really not there. I checked Api Inc's website, but they
do not seem to carry any chipset docs at all :-(

Is there some obscure secret hidden in the 21174 ?
> I'll check to see if I updated the documentation link on the Debian Alpha
> port page (think I did).  If not, I'll do that today.  

I checked, and it's not updated, but still points to the vaild digital site.

> > >From the 164LX technical reference manual, I noticed some interesting differences between
> > 21172 and 21174, which I would like to read more about. Also, I need it for 
> > my_little_home_project (TM) ;-)
> Hehehehe...yeah, I need all of the chipset docs that I can find for the
> GNUmach port, so I know the feeling of digging for docs.  If you can't
> find something, let me know since I might have it already or at least know
> where to find it.

I hereby let you know :-).

Thomas Weyergraf

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