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Re: srm and scsi controllers.

On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 02:28:11PM -0400, Rich Payne wrote:
> Hmm...the only problem is that it can/might vary by platform type. We
> could certainly set something up as to which cards we know to work on a
> given platform.

Yes, it can and does vary by platform, and by age as well. EV6
platforms don't have code to support the original TGA or the old MYLEX
RAID controllers, for example. Certain options are "retired" from the
actively developed platforms due to age, and new ones added there and
rarely backported. For example, SRM v5.7 for the EV6s added support
for some Adaptec SCSI controllers. Fortunately, that code was
backported into the LX and SX SRM consoles, but I don't know of any
other pre-EV6 platforms in which this happened, or is likely to

> Would that help?

It would be *very* nice to have such a list...


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