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Re: Can't boot

> > ARGH. Crap crap crap crap crap.  I was hoping that some people would
> > have taken the initiative to actually test this stuff *before* the
> > release.  I am not endowed with the massive bandwidth that seems to be
> > required in order to make official CD images, so I can only test
> > boot-floppies.
> If you've got a fix, I might as well do another set to go with the new
> set of sparc I've got to do (also non-bootable).
> Any idea what the problem is?

I know what the alpha boot problem on mine is, from what I understand, this
alpha box wasn't supported in 2.2.x until 2.2.17pre12 (kernel I'm using
now).  2.0 supported it.  (alphaserver 1000a 4/266)

--- Not for debian-cd below ---

I got linux installed using aboot disk from gatekeeper.dec.com (I think).  I
have one problem.  I can't get it to boot from hdd.  (from memory) tells me
that it finds a valid boot block(or device?) and says it's reading 165
blocks.  Then immediately it says can't read (this is the part I can't
remember, I'm not at home, will be in 30 min from now).

I have 2 1gb drives in it and I put the aboot loader on both, neither will
boot (aboot doesn't even get loaded)

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