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Can't boot

I downloaded the boot disks from potato and attempted to boot.  I also burnt
a cd of the /debian-cd/2.2????/alpha/binary-alpha-1.iso and attempted to
boot.  Both produce the same results.

When booting either, I do get through the aboot (using SRM console mode, not
ARC)  Once I see the start of the linux boot, the cpu halts and it takes me
back to the SRM prompt.  Sometimes I see a line that says the same thing as
/proc/version would say.

On the cd, it looks for boot/linux which exists in / not in /boot.

Specs as best I can say:

AlphaServer 1000a 4/266
Mylex Raid controller (tried w/o it, same thing)
160mb ram
Some ethernet card (not sure, haven't removed, assume this doesn't effect

I'm not sure what else I need to say.

I also have never had linux running on this machine so this is an initial

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