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Re: reinitialize scsi devices?

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Ron Farrer wrote:

> Ahh, that figures: RTFM and you *might* learn something! :) 

Hehehe...it didn't used to be in any HOWTO (ages ago), but I'm glad it
was added.  Saved me from having to dig through years' worth of email

> I can't comment if this works or not as I ended up having to reboot. :(
> When I issued the command it hung (the command, not the system). Luckily
> it was just a gnome-terminal running 'su -' so it was easily killed. I
> shutdown and turns out the system didn't want to see it either! A
> powercycle of the system and the device took care of the problem... 

Most likely, it was the device that needed the power cycling (and most
likely the cause of the hang).  Looks like the SCSI subsystem just kinda
sat there waiting for a reply...


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