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Re: reinitialize scsi devices?

Christopher C. Chimelis (chris@debian.org) wrote:

> This is from the SCSI-Programming HOWTO:

Ahh, that figures: RTFM and you *might* learn something! :) 

> Dynamically insert and remove SCSI devices
> If a newer kernel and the /proc file system is running, a non-busy device
> can be removed and installed 'on the fly'. 

I can't comment if this works or not as I ended up having to reboot. :(
When I issued the command it hung (the command, not the system). Luckily
it was just a gnome-terminal running 'su -' so it was easily killed. I
shutdown and turns out the system didn't want to see it either! A
powercycle of the system and the device took care of the problem... 

Thanks anyway. 

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