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Re: fast math lib?

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> > Both do well, but I'd personally prefer the Compaq CPML library.  It's
> > faster in most cases, and provides for more functions (and
> > exceptions) than libffm.  I maintain the libffm debs, so those are
> > available for use, in case you wanted to keep it "free" though.
> Indeed, CPML is faster for most things, but the "vector" routines dsqrtv and
> dsqrtiv in libffm can be several times faster than a loop doing the same.
> Try installing libffm-dev, prototypes are in /usr/include/libffm.h .

I guess, this is at the moment a little bit too tricky for me to try. I
am a biologist, not a programmer (got stuck after 2/3 of "(dirty) C for
Dummies" ... ;-) ). Thank you for that tip anyway, perhaps I will be
able one day to roam around C-source codes by myself and optimise. Since
my first alien attempts didn´t work out too well (the Compaq compiler
and math lib were my first try ever to debianise something), I just
decided to have at first a working gcc with libffm and give it a little
more time to find out about the ccc things to consider.





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