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Re: Internal errors in g++

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Anton Ivanov wrote:

> With the debian config it builds, while a normal ./configure ; make blows up. 
> Difference seems to be in the compile flags. In other words obscure bug in 
> g++. One more g++ bug one less... I will try to dig more info on it and 
> possibly pass it up to gcc-bugs.

Hmmm...that's odd...

> The magic word is: -fno-exceptions which as usually is neither in the man nor 
> in the info files.

Actually, it is.  It's not explicitely in there, though.  Here's the
relevant section:

   Most of them have both positive and negative forms; the negative form
of `-ffoo' would be `-fno-foo'.  In the table below, only one of the
forms is listed--the one which is not the default.  You can figure out
the other form by either removing `no-' or adding it.

     Enable exception handling. Generates extra code needed to propagate
     exceptions.  For some targets, this implies generation of frame
     unwind information for all functions. This can produce significant
     data size overhead, although it does not affect execution.  If you
     do not specify this option, it is enabled by default for languages
     like C++ which normally require exception handling, and disabled
     for languages like C that do not normally require it.  However,
     when compiling C code that needs to interoperate properly with
     exception handlers written in C++, you may need to enable this
     option.  You may also wish to disable this option is you are
     compiling older C++ programs that don't use exception handling.

> stdrant on gcc and documentation omitted for brevity ;-)



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